The Look For Less: Brandy's Tweed Shorts Suit on Wendy Williams

Ciao Bellas,
I was watching The Wendy Williams Show last week (How you doin'?) and Brandy was on the show, with the cast of The Game. Brandy was rocking this really fierce blue tweed short suit, with red YSL pumps...and I've been looking for something comparable because I lovedd it. According to Style Me Prissy, Brandy is rocking the "Harare" Tweed Short Suit by Stella & Jamie with the shorts retailing for $229, and the Jacket for $349. As a Bella on a budget, that's not a very cost effective option for me (I'm just not ballin' like that, I will be one day, it just hasn't happened yet LOL) so the obvious solution was to try and recreate the look for less.

I went to H&M on Saturday, and I came across these sky blue tweed shorts (they're not exactly like Brandy's, but they're close enough for me) and I purchased them for $29.95. I couldn't find a jacket to go with it in the store, but I did find the matching jacket online for $49.95 so I'm going to have to either patiently wait for them to get it in at my local H&M or hunt it down at a different location.  I intend on wearing the shorts with a white short sleeve V-Neck Tee, and silver wedges...once I get some lol.



So there you have it, that's my look for less remix on Brandy's outfit. If y'all have any particular looks from a celeb that you would like me to try and help you find lower budget options for, leave a comment below and I'll do my best. Once I get my hands on the jacket, I'll come back  with pictures and whatnot. I did a couple of mini hauls at H&M recently as well, so I'll post that either later on tonight or tomorrow (they're having a sale, so it's a good time to find different pieces).

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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