OOTD: Red She Said

Ciao Bellas,
I was perusing around online in search of style inspiration, and I came across a picture of Rihanna in London rocking a plaid shirt and fur vest so I decided to put my spin on it. I've recently become a fan of red lips (thanks to a show I did last week, which the red clip in's are from as well) so I just kinda went RED with it. I should also note that the jeans are kind of a product of my handy work. They were regular distressed acid wash jeans from Dot's (by Sizzle), and I sprayed them down with a blackend silver glitter fabric paint spray (by Tulip), and then went through and sewed some rhinestone trim strips into the holes. Could I slowly be turning into a DIY diva? Only time will tell...

RED She Said

The Look:
Fur Vest - Target, last year
Plaid Shirt - H&M, last year
Distressed Acid Wash Jeans by Sizzle, Decorated by Moi - Dots
Nude BCBGirls Pumps - Burlington Coat Factoryish Store
Tan Bag - H&M, last winter
Red 14" Human Hair Clip In's - Sally Beauty $9.99

The Red Lips (just in case you wanted to know LOL):
Palladio Herbal Lip Liner in Red Rose - Sally Beauty $4.49
Ruby Kisses Color Design Lipstick in "RLS01 RED" - Local Beauty Supply Store
Ruby Kisses Crystal Gloss in "14 Hollywood" - Local Beauty Supply Store $2.49

Bonus side story about the red lipstick (cause y'all know I have a story for everything LOL):

I know that there's usually this whole formula to finding a perfect red lip for one's skin tone (in terms of undertones, blue based red v.s. yellow based red), and I wish I could say that's what I went with when I picked the above products out...but that's not what happened LOL. I was out shopping with my friend for my costume for our show, and I needed red lipstick to go with my costume so I pretty much picked up the 1st red lipstick I saw and then looked for a yellow based red gloss (I also put red glitter on top for the show btw). I didn't plan on wearing it again because I was never really a fan of BRIGHT lips on myself...but I fell in love with it so it's here to stay.

Stylishly Yours,
Resa Seyi

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