Review: Wild Rose Pink Glitter Shoes from Charlotte Russe...

Ciao Bellas,
                     When I saw these pink glittery platform pumps by Wild Rose online at Charlotte Russe, I fell in love.

They seemed like my Dorothy meets pink perfection moment, and a much cheaper alternative to these $85 glittery platforms from Bakers (which I will probably purchase soon now) so I ordered them from Charlotte Russe (which is one of my all time favorite stores). When I got them in the mail yesterday I was SOUPED, however when I tried them on they didn't fit =( I ordered my right size (Size 10), however they seem to run a size and a half too small. I had to jam my foot into the shoe, and I couldn't really walk too far in them due to the sizing....if I tried to wear them out, I probably wouldn't last 10 minutes. I've never had this problem with shoes by Wild Rose, or any shoes from Charlotte Russe...but it is what it is. So while they are beautiful, if you happen to order them definitely go up at least a size or size and a half.

All's well that ends well though, because I returned them yesterday in the store without any issues, and purchased this sparkly cami for $10 (I was also able to use one of those coupons they're offering on the home page of their website). I plan on wearing it under a sheer off the shoulder top, ala Keshia in the 2nd episode of "Single Ladies" on VH1.

These neon yellow platform pumps for $30

and I got them in black too (All shoes are buy 1, get the other pair for $10)

The platform pumps are realllly comfy, and I want to go back and get them in the nude color too.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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