Breaking Down The Formula Pt. I: Fit is Essential

Ciao Bellas,
                     I've been thinking about a lot of the different things I've learned over the years about fashion and style, and in my opinion it all comes down to 4 things.
  1. Knowing your shape / body type, and what works for you and flatter your shape (fit, sizing, etc.)
  2. Knowing what wardrobe essentials you need, and knowing how to make them work for you
  3. Understanding what you gravitate to stylisticly, and finding these kind of pieces that flatter your body type and are also workable wardrobe essentials.
  4. Shopping within your means. This means not buying things you can't afford, because debt is SO not fly, fierce, and fabulous. At the end of the day, I refuse to spend money I can't afford, on things I don't really want or need, to impress people I don't like.  
Now that all sounds lovely, but how does one accomplish this you ask? 

You have to start by identifying your body type, are you an hourglass? pear shape? apple? etc, and figure out what features you'd like to reveal or conceal. For example: Do you wanna show off your legs and conceal your arms? Btw, it's also important to understand where to draw the line with showing skin and when and where it's appropriate. A good way to start figuring this out, would be by checking out "The Science of Sexy" by Bradley Bayou. He's a fashion designer, who wrote the book about understanding your body type, what pieces work for your shape (though some pieces are universal), and his 10 commandments of style. His book is the basis of the "Look Your Best" feature online at, so you can check it out there. All you need is some measuring tape (to get your accurate measurements), and you're good to go.

It's important to understand that it's not about trying to hide or cover up "flaws" but celebrating what you've got, working with it, and presenting your best self.

Over the week I'm going to continue breaking down my formula for fly, fierce, and fabulous style. So stay tuned!

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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