Let Me Put You Up On Game: Fierce Dresses & Discount Info

Ciao Bellas,
It seems like over the past couple of years New York and Company picks a couple of dress designs and turns it out. The fit will be on point, it'll come in a bevy of colors, and it'll look fabulous dressed up or down. Last year the Bryant Park Tee Dress was that dress for me, and while I'm kinda bummed that I didn't snatch it up in more colors (and prints. It came in Zebra print y'all), I'm glad that I did get it in some really good basic colors. This year, New York and Company's Scoop Neck Stretch Tank Dress (Regular Price $34.95, currently on sale for $24.46) is that dress for me. It looks just like a sheath dress (an amazing wardrobe staple), yet it's made out of stretch fabric so it hugs the curves amazingly. I've purchased it in black and white, and I'm going back to snatch it up in a few more colors (since they just put out some new ones =) ).

Now about that discount info I hinted at in the title, this one is for all y'all out there that are AAA members. You know how sometimes you get those flyer's and whatnot in the mail from AAA about discounts that you can get at other merchants? Well pay attention to it, because when you shop at the said merchants stores more than likely they're not going to tell you about it. One such place would be Ny and Company. Yes you read that right you can use your AAA discount there (IN STORE), when you're ready to make your purchase make sure you tell them that you're a member and have your card handy to show them. Sometimes you can use it in conjunction with other discounts in the store, and sometimes you can't... but every little bit helps...and it's definitely saved me quite a bit of money. So if you didn't know, now you do. Happy Shopping! =)
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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