Foodie Friday: Rice Pudding

Ciao Bellas,
Happy Foodie Friday! This week I've chosen to spotlight this recipe for rice pudding that I found over at I just use it as a guideline though, as I like to make substitutions (that are healthier, more convenient, and sometimes tastier) after I get used to working with a particular recipe. Instead of Milk, Short Grained Rice, Vanilla Bean, and Agave Nectar (which I've yet to try) I use Soy Milk (by Silk. YUMM!), Brown Rice, Vanilla Extract, and Honey. I also like to toss in a little cinnamon and golden raisins for some extra flavor and sweetness. Overall it's a pretty tasty treat, though it takes awhile to make (according to the recipe, it has to simmer for 40 minutes) so when I whip some up, I make a little extra so it's around for the next few days. Here's a funny story, even though I'm by no means a stranger to the kitchen every once in awhile we all have an oops moment...right? Well I do anyways. So when I made the rice pudding a few days ago, I was adding the vanilla extract to the pudding (which was already starting to cook on the stove) and apparently I wasn't as careful as I thought and I spilled a few drops near the burner and on the stove top. That doesn't sound too bad right? Well, how many of y'all know that vanilla extract is flammable? I looked down and there was a rather large isolated blue flame chillin' like a villain on my stove top. Thank God I noticed it, cause I probably would of accidentally set my shirt and tummy on fire (amongst other things) since I was standing pretty close to the stove top. All ended well though, as I blew the fire out quickly (and wiped down the stove top with water), and my rice pudding came out delish. It's a teachable moment though Bella's: Pay attention in the kitchen, and remember to check for and handle flammable ingredients with care so we can avoid moment's like these. It kind of reminded me of that episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will tried to flambe bananas in the kitchen...
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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