Introducing: The First Official Foodie Friday & Salmon Balls with Salsa

Ciao Bellas,
Last month I started overhauling my eating habits. Generally speaking I'd usually try to make healthy choices, but I've finally learned to combine that with things that taste amazing and not overeating (which I didn't realize I'd been doing until I lost about a good 5 - 7 lbs that I don't remember gaining in the first place LOL. Don't get it twisted though I never set out to lose weight, I just wanted to make healthier and smarter lifestyle choices). While on this journey, I've come across some delicious new foods, seasonings, and recipes which inspired me to start "Foodie Friday's." So every Friday I'll be posting different recipes and reviews, sprinkled with my lil tips and tricks for making things taste extra fabulous (And move along a lil faster. I'm not one of those girls that likes to spend all day in the kitchen. I want my food to taste yummy, be healthy, and ready as fast as possible thankyouverymuch).

First up this week is this recipe for Salmon Balls with Fresh Tomato Salsa that I found over at a long time ago, but never actually got around to making until yesterday. I should mention that I really didn't feel like making fresh salsa (because I also made Mini Parmesan Biscuits from scratch yesterday), so I ate mine with a side of All Natural Medium Picante Sauce by Great Value from Walmart...but I'm sure you could use any salsa or spicy sauce that you have on hand, or you could be all extra fancy and make your own. I pretty much followed the recipe for the Salmon Balls to the T (though I doubled everything, as I had to make a bigger batch since I was cooking for my family as well. As is the recipe makes 16 Salmon Balls, with a serving being 4 per person), minus serving them with the Arugula (they didn't have it at the market that I went to), and they taste really good. Their texture is reminiscent of crab cakes, the golden raisins give it a lil bit of sweetness, and once you dip that in your sauce (or salsa) you get some sweet and spicy goodness making this my brand new favorite way to cook salmon. If you decide try out this recipe, be sure to leave a comment and let me know how it went!

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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