The Sari Chronicles Pt. 1: Inspiration

Ciao Bellas,
With halloween right around the corner, everybody seems to be on the hunt for the fiercest, flyest, most fabulous costumes that suit their taste. While I personally don't celebrate Halloween (for reasons I have stated many times in the past), I will be dressing up and helping out at the Harvest Party that my Church hosts annually. This year I decided to pay homage to Bollywood and rock a sari.

 I tried looking around online for a fab costume, however they all looked too...well, cheap and costumey for my tastes. Next I thought about purchasing a legit sari, however the ones that I liked were rather expensive for something that I so far only intend on wearing to a party for one night. I then decided to boldly make DIY moves that I've never made before, and make my costume. So I looked up online how much fabric one needs to make a sari (the general consensus seemed to be anywhere between 6-9 yards), searched YouTube for proper wrapping technique (which seems to be less intimidating than I thought, and made me extra happy since theres no sewing involved. YAYYY!), and went on my way to the fabric store in search of fabric for my sari. From what I understand (and by no means do I claim to be any sort of expert on Indian culture, these are just my conclusions from brief online research regarding my costume, and inspiration that I've drawn from bollywood movies...and the Cheetah Girls 3: One World - no, I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched it when it came out LOL -) one needs to wear a long skirt under their sari that's the same color as the sari, and obviously some sort of top. I've decided to go with this beautiful red and gold sari fabric that I found at the fabric store, wear my long red dance skirt underneath (I have this one in scarlet, it flows and moves beautifully when I dance. I'm kind of in love with it), get a plain red short sleeve shirt to embellish with gold sequin trim and gold and bronze rhinestones...and rock my gold flats. These really exotic gold earrings that I scored with Jcpenney's last year, a bronze smokey eye (with some rhinestones above my eyebrows, YAY stage makeup skills!), lots of gold bangles, a red mani & pedi, along with henna on my hands should complete the look. So far I'm still in the planning stages, however once I finish making my costume and whatnot I may post pictures of the results.

Does anybody have any suggestions or thoughts on how I can further jazz up my costume? What are y'all dressing up as this year? Hollaback!

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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