Fabulous Finds: Men's Long Sleeve Poplin Shirts @ Wal*Mart

Ciao Bellas,
I recently made a fabulous discovery while shopping for nice collared shirts, and I decided that I definitely needed to share the information...but I need y'all to bear with me for a little bit of a back story here haha. I'm a dancer, and a few months ago I was scheduled to perform and I needed to find a black collared shirt. These have always been hard for me to find as I'm about 5'9 (if not a little taller), I have broad shoulders, a small waist, and decently muscular arms. By the time I found a shirt that accommodated my shoulders and arms, I lost the fit everywhere else...so I always tried to get around wearing them. Anyhoo, it was mandatory that I wear one for this particular performance (and it later became a part of the uniform for my dance group) and after my many failed attempts at trying to find a shirt that fit me in the women's department (in multiple stores), I wandered over to the men's department in Wal*Mart. I found that a size small fit me rather well (it was a little big in the shoulders obviously, but it gave it a nice menswear look. It was a Black Puritan Brand Poplin Long Sleeve Shirt btw), and I later found out that when I undid the first couple of buttons, rolled up the sleeves, and tucked in the shirt it looked fabulous for everyday wear. The key is making sure that I juxtapose it with really feminine pieces like pencil skirts, well fitting jeans, and pretty much anything that is fitted or short (like this plaid skirt that I bought at Target earlier). I actually went back to Wal*Mart today and picked up a few more in white and black from the George line (also Poplin & Long Sleeved) for about $13.00 each. I'm most certainly going to be buying some more in different colors, but I just wanted to share this fabulous find with y'all!
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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