Revamp & 5 Things I'm Loving This Summer

Ciao Bellas,
First off, I'd like to direct your attention to some of the changes I've made here my blog. All looks will be posted on the "The Lookbook" page, and I'll be reorganizing some things and adding more pages over the next couple of days so if things look a bit different (other than the brand new layout, woo woo!) that'll be why. Anyhoo, I feel like my summer started somewhere towards the end of April...why, I'm not sure however I do have 5 things that I can't imagine doing without this summer, which are as follows:

New York & Co. at ShopStyle

1) New York and Company's The Bryant Park Tee Dress. I originally got it on sale for $15, however apparently now y'all can get it for $7 online. I snatched that bad boy up in black, white (which needs a slip under it btw, or the appropriate nude undergarments as it is very sheer. The other colors are fine though), and a grey mosaic pattern. It's a great everyday dress that you can definitely dress up and down according to the occasion, and the ruching is wonderful. It's actually adjustable so you can shorten it (if your going on a date, or hitting the town), or let the sides down so that it's ankle length. I love it, and I'm actually going to the stores to try and get a few more. Don't judge me.
2) NARS Taj Mahal Blush ($25). I've written about the wonder that it is in the past, but brown skinned girls please don't sleep on this. It looks absolutely amazing on darker skin tones, and when applied with a stippling brush (like MAC's 187) it leaves your cheeks all wonderful and juicy looking. It is sort of expensive, however it's totally worth it as it's a unique color and incredibly pigmented. A little goes a lonnnng way, and I've had mine for about a year and I haven't even made a dent in the pan even though I use it decently often.
3) MAC's Studio Moisture Tint ($29.50). As we all know I was highly upset when MAC discontinued their tinted moisturizer a few years back, but I'm incredibly happy which it's replacement. I have oily skin, and I find that it holds up rather well (I always set my T zone with MAC's Blot Powder too btw). It's also decently sheer, so it still matches my skin tan or untanned (I have it in the darkest shade) and ever since I started using it I've been getting a lot of compliments on my skin. Definitely a year round keeper for me.
4) Bath and Body Work's Liplicious Summer Vanilla's Lip Glosses. Retailing in store at about $7 each (though I think theres some sort of deal when you buy a couple at a time or something), and coming in flavors like Lemon Vanilla (which tastes like some sort of Lemon Pie. LOVE), Coconut Vanilla, and Berry Vanilla I'm loving how these glosses keep my lips moisturized, shiny and shimmery, while managing to taste pretty sweet. Enough said.
5) Victoria's Secret So Sexy Color Protect & Revive UV Shield Spray ($14). I have double processed hair (relaxed and highlighted) so I was a little iffy about trying this product as I wasn't sure if it would dry my hair out...but I also needed something to protect my hair from the sun's UV rays since I have the highlights (I'm baby blonde in places somehow) and I'm spending a lot of time in the sun during the summer. I must say that as long as I keep my hair properly moisturized, this product works just fine for me and keeps my hair smelling incredibly good.
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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