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PoshGlam has a look at some of the pieces from H&M's upcoming Garden Collection, and it's green! All of the pieces in the collection are made from sustainable materials like tencel, recycled polyester, and organic cotton.

For all the self tanner fans out there, makeup artist Scott Barnes shared his tip for getting rid of streaks using Veet with The Girls in the Beauty Department over at Glamour.

The Kardashian Sisters will be showing a sneak peek of their Bebe Collection at New York Fashion Week on Feb 16th, with the line launching in Bebe stores in mid February. According to the Stylelist, each of the girls have their own collection featuring their signature pieces. I can't wait to see what the line has to offer!

Beyonce is launching her first fragrance called "Heat" which will be available in specialty department stores like Macy's retailing between the $39-$59 range according to StyleWatch. With top notes of neroli, blush peach, red vanilla orchid, and magnolia it sounds like it's gonna be hot.

According to the Stylelist, Jessica Simpson has teamed up with Jones New York to create a clothing collection featuring tops, jeans, skirts, and jackets set to be released to department stores in mid July (with Jeans starting at $49, and the rest of the collection ranging from $29-$79) . I must say that I'm really excited about this, I used to LOVE the Princy jeans that she put out a few years back, and since I love a lot of the stuff in her line (The Jessica Simpson Collection) I'm expecting fabulous things.

Spanx has launched a swimwear line that is exclusively available on their site. The line looks really cute (I was hooked once I saw some of it featured on Slaves to Fashion), and I'd have to say that my favorite is the grey and black structured one piece.

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