Sound Off: To Match, or to Coordinate?

Ciao Bellas,
It's an age old question Bella's, whether we're talking about matching our mani's and pedi's, accessories (shoes, bag, belt, etc.), or makeup look to the outfit (not really my thing). Personally, I'm more of a coordinator. It's incredibly rare that I'll be all matchy matchy with it, as in my opinion as long as I look put together it's all good. The only time I consider rocking the same shade in multiple aspects of my look is amongst my accessories, and preferably when they're of a metallic hue. Though there was that one time that I rocked a gold sequined top, with gold gladiator sandals, a gold clutch, gold earrings, and brown linen shorts...which prompted some of my guy friends to crack goldmember jokes, but I looked fabulous so I didn't really pay them any mind. They were the same ones fascinated with the sequins on my top 10 minutes later haha. Anyhoo, my whole coordination movement doesn't exactly resonate with Mommy Fab, as in her opinion everything has to match exactly. A prime example would be when we go to Church. Momma's cami that she rocks under her suit usually matches her shoes, purse, earrings, faux flower pinned on her suit, etc (as in it has to be the same exact shade of what ever color she's decided to go with, or else it's off to H&M or what have you to buy something that matches perfectly)...yeah, she's old school like that haha. So what say y'all? Are you Team Matchy-Matchy or Team Coordinate?

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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