Scott Barnes "About Face"

Ciao Bellas,
Yesterday I mentioned to y'all that I received Scott Barnes new book "About Face" as a Christmas gift. Once I finished opening all my gifts, I sat down in my kitchen and read practically the whole book (it's pretty thick). After reading it and looking at the pictures in the book, I finally understand what all the hype is about. This man is truly a makeup artist. I love that the women Scott chose to transform are in a broad range of complexions, and you could find them anywhere from the supermarket to the boardroom. They all had different objectives like creating a faux tan for the face and body, creating a natural "no makeup" look, a quick and easy face for girls on the go, and even a 1940's look. The overall goal remained the same though: enhancing their beauty, and spotlighting the amazingness that was already there. Scott breaks down how to build his famous "lit from within" look, and offers a lot of interesting tips like using yellow concealer on darker skin tones to highlight and contour (along with a contouring foundation), information on key makeup tools, interviews with dermatologists, tips on skincare and nails…so there’s something for everyone from the makeup novice, to those seeking to polish their beauty game. After I finished reading the book, I must say that something about his approach made me stop and smile at my bare face in the mirror before I did my makeup (not that I don’t think I’m cute sans makeup, it was just a legit stop, scan, and smile this time)...and just notice the different things that I like about my facial features (I know Bella's, it sounds cheese ball, but it's true) before I even touched any of my makeup and started figuring out how to incorporate his tips into my look. I’m officially a Scott Barnes fan, and I can't wait to see what the re-launch of his cosmetics line has to offer. Don't sleep on this one Bella's, next time y'all head to your fave bookstore check this book out (it's available online at Borders for $24.99). This most certainly isn't the first makeup book I've purchased, but it's most certainly one of the best. I dare say that this along with a stage makeup book that I have from a class I took at school completes my collection.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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