Fierce Makeup Artists Invading Youtube

Ciao Bellas,
A ways back I mentioned how Sam Fine was releasing a DVD entitled "The Basics of Beauty." It was released a bit ago, and is currently available for purchase on for $24.99. To give a taste of what one can expect from his DVD, he's posted a few clips from it on YouTube. It looks like it might be a good holiday gift idea (I think I may get this for one of my cousins for Christmas...and btw cuz, if you're reading this feel free to still act surprised when you get it =P)... and I like how in the video posted on his website, he says how he's not there to sell products, he's there to show us how to make a difference with the products we have. Loves it. For more Sam Fineness, check out his official websiteblog, and YouTube Channel. I loved his The Basics of Beauty Tool Review video!

Also invading the YouTube scene is none other than the glow master himself: Scott Barnes. I was just on his website looking for info about his upcoming book "About Face" (It'll be released on Jan 1st according to Borders website, though it is available for pre order), and I was really souped to see that 1) He has officially re-released Body Bling (I've heard a ton of raves about it, and I'm thinking about trying it out. I'm interested in it for the glow though, I don't really need help in the tan department), and 2) He has YouTube Tutorials. Apparently I'm a bit tardy for the party as the first video was posted about a month ago, but I'm happy to see them none the less.

What say y'all Bella's? Anybody out there purchase Sam Fine's DVD (or Book)? How about the Body Bling? Any fans out there? Do tell!

A brief peek inside Scott Barnes book "About Face" can be viewed here on, and according to Scandalous Beauty (Who recreated the look Scott did on his model in his smokey eyes video. Check out her version here), while Scott discontinued his old makeup line he is releasing a new one next year.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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