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Monday, September 7, 2009

Ciao Bella's,
So sorry for the lack of posting lately, it was a busy and somewhat stressful past few weeks for me (It has me SO looking forward to my little vacation next month), but all things aside, I'm back in action and feeling better than ever. I thought I'd get things rolling with a review of one of my new favorite hair products: FHI Heat Hot Sauce.

FHI Heat at ShopStyle

I've long been a fan of FHI Heat's Flat Irons, and each time I purchased one it came with a sample of their Hot Sauce. It's essentially a heat protectant product, and according to their web site it features their exclusive jojoba formula (that's heat activated), which penetrates deeply into the hair follicle when used with thermal styling products to repair past damage, and deep condition the hair leaving it soft, shiny, and silky (without leaving surface residue, as it's not silicone based). The other day I volunteered to do my younger sister's hair, as I wanted to try out some new tips and techniques I'd picked up recently. When it came time to dry and style her hair (which is relaxed like mine), I decided to try out the FHI Heat Hot Sauce. The directions on the package state that after shampooing, conditioning, and towel drying the hair, you are to apply a small amount to damp hair, particularly concentrating on the ends and mid strands. Let it sit for a minute, blow dry, and then finish styling with your FHI Heat Curling Iron or Flat Iron (shameless plug, but their products are good). So that's what I did, and I must say that it was probably the best that her hair has ever come out when either me, or Mommy Fab has done her hair. Soft, shiny, and silky as promised (though her new growth didn't come out quite as silky as the rest of her hair, but it did look pretty good), and it had body and movement. After wrapping her hair as seen in the video posted below, it looked just as good the next day. All she needed was some oil sheen in my opinion, and she'd of been good to go (however Mommy Fab insisted on flat ironing it as we were going out to a family event that evening). Also it should be noted that the product has a light pleasant smell, so no you will not be running around smelling like buffalo wings or anything haha. FHI Heat Hot Sauce is officially a keeper in my book, and retailing at $14.99 or their website (or $13.50 online at Sally Beauty, if your a Beauty Club Member) I'll definitely be purchasing it in the future.

How to Wrap Your Hair with A Scarf

Source: SalonCabelo on YT

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