On the Fab Tip: Don't Let It Rain On Your Parade

Ciao Bellas,
I'm one of those people who honestly doesn't mind rain, as long as I have an umbrella and the proper footwear (I would be heated if I got caught in a downpour while in some suede footwear). I'll intentionally bust out a fab outfit featuring a bright happy color and umbrella, and get to gettin'. That all of course is when I'm prepared for the elements...but what's a girl to do when out of nowhere the clouds come out, and the rain starts coming down? Personally, at school I keep every thing that I need to touch up my look from head to toe in my locker (which is good for those long days when I don't have time to run home before my next class, only have a few minutes before I have to run across campus to the lab, or just need to spiff up before heading to the cafe. Hey, you never know who you'll run into. Full time students must always be prepared). I've legit I've got everything in there from bobby pins and shout wipes, to deodorant and some spare pantyhose (I only wear them in the fall and winter with my skirts). All neatly stored right next to my textbooks, sheet music, and scripts (in a fierce oversized makeup bag no less) haha. Most people think it's hysterical, I just say that I'm always prepared.

Stylishly Yours,
Resa Seyi

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