"It's a Clutch"

*While out with some friends a bit ago*
Guy friend (taking my oblong gold pleather clutch, with gold metallic studs outlining the top flap out of my hand): What's this?
Ms. Fab: It's a clutch
Guy Friend (raises eye brow, and further examines the exterior of said clutch): Can I look in here?
Ms. Fab: Mmhmm
Guy Friend(counting items in my clutch): You only have 4 things in here!

Ms. Fab: Well yes honey, it's a clutch. Just enough room for my essentials...

Ciao Bellas,
The above conversation took place when I was out with some friends, and a guy friend of mine took an interest in the size of my purse. I know good and well that he's seen clutches before though, so I think that it was because he seems to think that I'm incredibly high maintenance (which is debatable depending on your definition of the term...I'd say that I'm more meticulous), and was wondering how I managed to cram everything I'd need in there. Bella's, y'all already know that packing a clutch with everything you need is practically an art form. No matter what I need to have: My cell phone, wallet (or at least money, and I.D), vanilla scented antibacterial lotion (I'm a germaphobe, so it handles my need to have germ free hands and keeps them moisturized. Friendly tip, I get mine for about $1-2 in the check out counter area at Wal*Mart), and my thin makeup bag which houses at least my Blot Powder, lipgloss, and blotting sheets (though I have heard that those toilet seat liner things work well in a pinch, or those brown Starbucks napkins which Spoiled Pretty mentioned when she interviewed Khloe Kardashian) at all times. So technically he saw 4 things, but I probably had about 7 in there...he doesn't need to know that though haha. At any rate, these are my oh no ma'am can't leave home with out 'em items, what are yours? Any tips on fitting everything a Bella on the go needs in her clutch? Do tell!

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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