Spotlight: Premium Outlets.

Ciao Bellas,
A few months ago I made my way out a Premium Outlets location in my general area (theres not one in my state, but one within a decent driving distance), fell in love, and have remained faithful ever since. My first trip out there, I scored 2 dresses and a top from 2b Bebe (my fave store out there hands down, I actually just received a mailer from them the other day, offering a friend and myself 15% off any $75 dollar purchase. According to the mailer, you can text "POSH" to 42323 to get on the 2b Bebe text mailing list if you're interested. Standard text messaging rates do apply, and according to the mailer they send out about 2 texts per month), and this fab dress from last fall for $14.99 from Arden B. Total amount spent? About $170 (I think I may of purchased a belt as well, but I can't recall).

If you like Bebe, 2b Bebe is definitely a store to check out as they get in a lot of great pieces from Bebe, and they have their own 2b Bebe line. It sort of mirrors some of the stuff in the regular Bebe line, and some stuff from the Bebe Sport line as well (including some lower priced knock offs, like a fedora for $14.99, Plaid Shirt for $34, etc. There's always a huge denim selection too btw, from both Bebe and 2b Bebe). Everything is pretty well discounted too, as it is an outlet. During my last trip, I discovered the J Crew outlet and picked up a really great pair of their bootcut jeans for like $59.95 (in their regular stores, their jeans retail from $98.00 and up). I also stocked up on tanks, which at the outlets are regularly priced at about $12.99. I think there was some sort of special going on though, because they wound up being about $6.99 each. I was surprised to find that the jeans fit me so well, and as we all know Bella's good fitting jeans are hard to find, so next trip up to the outlets I'm going to purchase some more in both the bootcut and matchstick fits.

Of course there are many other fabulous stores at the outlets as well, such as: Michael Kors, Nautica, Benneton, Guess, and Betsey Johnson just to name a few. It does depend on your location though, and I do suggest that you check out the website for the Premium Outlet in your area, not just the generic Premium Outlet site as they failed to list all the locations of a few stores on that one. So Bella's, do you have mad love for the outlets as well? If you do, which store is your favorite?

Bonus: 2b Bebe mailer I received yesterday

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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