Illamasqua is coming to the US!

Ciao Bellas,
Popular UK make up brand Illamasqua is coming to the US via Sephora! The entire line will be available online as of the 21st, at the Times Square Sephora store on the 30th, and in more stores when fall rolls around. I'm really excited about this launch, as the brand seems to be about bold vivid colors, individuality, and promises the unexpected (plum black lip shades, emerald polishes, beyond swoopy lashes?! I'm drooling). I also noticed they're all about bringing out your alter ego...personally, I'm not really into all that Beyonce/Sasha Fierce, and Ciara/Super C jazz, as I feel that all my fabulosity fits in little 'ol me (I'm not hating on B and CiCi though. If they like it, I love it). I'm oh so sold on the looks featured on their site though. The plum lippie that the model is rocking in the romance collection is fiyah. I'm usually not one for bold lip colors, but this just might convert me. Y'all know I'm a MAC fiend all day everyday, but if Illamasqua's products are just as fabulous as they look, MAC is going to have some serious competition for my affections. What say y'all?
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

Edited to add: Illamasqua's official blog.

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