Review: Soap and Glory Flake Away Scrub

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ciao Bellas,
While I was in Target a little bit ago, I was looking at some of the stuff from the Soap and Glory line and decided to try the Flake Away Scrub. As far as the actual scrubbing goes (grain wise), it feels nice, not quite harsh...but a little rough. My main issue is that it sort of left me (and my shower floor) with a sort of greasy residue (like a "film" or something) on my skin...maybe that was supposed to be moisturizing, but it bothered me. Especially since my shower floor did not need to be moisturized, so I wound up slipping and sliding all over the place. Not cool. It also should be noted that this scrub contains sea salt, so if you have any little cuts or anything like that, they will sting a bit once the scrub comes into contact with them. It's also lightly scented like most scrubs, but I don't find that it lingers...nor was it anything to write home about. Personally I don't think I'll purchase this product again, and I'm still on the hunt for scrubby perfection.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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