Ohh Celeb Inspired Makeover Shows.

Ciao Bellas,
I'm one of those girls that LOVES a good makeover show. What Not To Wear (whatever happened to that talk show Stacy London had for a minute?), and Style Her Famous are my favorites. The latter because it shows how we can all incorporate key elements of different celeb's style into our own look. Lately I've taken to watching Look-A-Like on the TV Guide Channel (I discovered it via ON Demand on my digital cable), and essentially what they do is: Look for people that look a lot like different celebs, make them over to increase the resemblance, and then do a photo shoot. While I don't really dig trying to essentially clone the celeb, I like watching the transformations. Especially when the makeup artist and the stylist start doing their things (ever since I took that stage makeup class, I've been really into watching different artist's techniques. I think it's because I've grown to appreciate the art and how it really can play into a transformation and moods). Personally it's not really something I'd do (I prefer to take the Style Her Famous approach), though people always tend to comment that I look a LOT like Gabrielle Union (I recently got Natalie Cole though I don't really see it, people always say that about my mom though. Or they mistake her for Donna Summer)...though if it's your cup of tea, they are looking for new candidates for makeovers. So what say y'all? What's your take on celeb inspired makeover shows? Do people often say you resemble a certain celeb? Do tell!

Stylishly Yours,
Resa Seyi

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