MAC Class: Hyrda Lumionus Skin and Other Notes

Ciao Bellas,
Earlier today I attended a MAC class session at my fave MAC counter location, and it was a great experience. If you get the chance to attend one, I highly recommend it. I believe the name of the MAC artist they brought in is Ron, and not only did he he hold a very informative and interactive session, he was super nice too (I chatted with him a bit while my manager friend did my makeup). The topic was hydra luminous skin (big trend), and he also talked to us a bit about different products from MAC that he loves and such. As promised, I'm bringing y'all the tips (and also an essential breakdown of the look he did on the model) that I picked up from the session.

The Hydra luminous Skin Look Breakdown:
  • Ron used Fix + 1st to hydrate the skin.
  • He then applied Studio Moisture Fix Moisturizer (with the #190 brush) also to hydrate and prepare the skin. Ron mentioned that it has hyaluronic acid in it, which pulls moisture from the environment into the skin. So even if one opted to use this on it's own, they'd still get that dewy glowy look. This was one of the products that was passed around so we could all test it out, and it was absolutely FABULOUS. I tried it out on my hand, and it felt SO hydrated and moisturized, yet not greasy. Definitely a product that I'll keep in mind for the future.
  • Fast Response Eye Cream under the eye to brighten and tighten the under eye skin, and it can be used as a face primer. After this, he said it'd be ideal to give everything a few minutes to settle into your skin.
  • Rubenesque Paint Pot all over the lid (the model was an NC25?), using the #252 Brush. This also acted as the highlight (Ron mentioned that this product has a 9 hour time claim, but he's worn it for longer than that under different conditions and it worked pretty well).
  • All That Glitters Eye Shadow on the lid (also using the #252, and it's a universally flattering shade). He flipped his brush upside down (as in like the handle was facing the model's eye at a downward "/" but facing you head on) when he did this, and said that it makes it appear as if the color is coming out from the lash line. He said any technique you're comfortable with is fine, but this is just what he likes to do. Use the #217 brush to blend.
  • Buckwheat Eye Shadow (LE from the Naked Honey Collection, and universally flattering) in the crease (well, more of the outer v, and lightly in the crease), with the #217 . He used the windshield wiper motion to achieve a soft blend, and then little circles to blend a bit more.
  • Filling in the brows was skipped (though it was said that this is optional), as he said that he wanted the focus to be on the model's skin. Brow Set in Clear was used to keep her brows in check though.
  • Ron then used a MAC Makeup Remover Wipe under the model's eyes to remove any fallout. I believe that he said that there is some sort of sugar derived makeup remover stuff in them, so it's sure to totally remove all makeup. They also contain amino acids to replenish moisture. Apparently even if you don't have makeup on, they are still pretty good to use just to cool off, hydrate, and freshen up your skin.
  • Using the #188 Brush (which is good for concealer and foundation), he applied full coverage concealer under the model's eyes (Studio Sculpt Concealer). He mentioned that this can also be mixed with Fast Response Eye Cream to create a sheer under eye friendly mousse texture. He skipped this though, as he had already applied the Fast Response earlier.
  • He then applied the Studio Sculpt Foundation to the model's face, with the #188 brush (it was mentioned that the big sister #187 is a good brush as well, but he felt that he could get more precise and distinct with this brush).
  • Fix + to set / fix the foundation to her skin (as it made the model's foundation look a bit more seamless and natural once he used it).
  • Prep and Prime Line Filler was then used under the model's eyes (sort of in the crows feet area), and around her mouth. Ron explained that it has what MAC calls the "False Alarm Technology" which means that once you apply it to a certain area, the area sends a signal to the brain that theres an open wound, so it sends massive amounts of collagen under the area to plump up the wrinkles (he also kind of compared it to that 'ol Preparation H trick). He showed us the exact amount that should be used, and it was essentially the size of a pea. I wanna say that I recall him staying that this product has long lasting effects over time...or something to that effect. At any rate this is one of his absolute favorite products.
  • Dazzlelash Mascara in Black Dazzle on the lashes, wiggle through first to deposit color, then comb them out to define them.
  • Ron then applied "Cremola" Cremestick Lip Liner to the model's pout, and then blended the line with the #242 brush (he said a smaller conventional lip brush is fine). Apparently not only is this a universal color, but it's a water resistant formula.
  • Viva Glam II Lipstick (Also universally flattering. Ron actually mentioned that all the Viva Glam colors are created to be universally flattering on everybody, so we can on get in on looking fabulous and giving back) applied with the #242 brush. Ron said that he prefers to use lip brushes when applying lipstick, because 1) once the point is gone people usually get rid of the lipstick, when theres still SO much more at the bottom of the tube which you can get to with the brush. 2) because he can deposit the color exactly where he wants it.
  • Viva Glam VI SE Lipglass on top (LOVED how this looked on the model, I'll have to check this out soon). Ron also mentioned that the Viva Glam V gloss and Lipstick are great and worth checking out.
A couple other notes from the session:
  • Ron mentioned that that the #190 Brush is great to use to apply primer, and for moisturizing products.
  • He passed around the Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder for us to check out, and said that mica is one of the ingredients. It's universally flattering, and he was telling us that one of his friends is Grace Jone's personal MUA, and he tested it out on her. Apparently she loved it so much that she took it from him haha.
  • The Naked Honey Skin Salve was passed around too, and I NEED IT. It comes in a MUCH larger tin than I expected, smells lovely, and is crazy moisturizing! Somebody asked if this can be used on the face, and Ron said that if one wanted to, it would be best to use it at night. Apparently if used under makeup...the makeup would slide right off.
  • Also I should mention that Ron stepped back a lot to check his work, and said that we should all do this when we do our makeup just to make sure everything is working together.
  • OH and my nosey self overheard one of the ladies who attended the session talking to Ron about how to use Amber Lights Eye Shadow (she looked to be about an NC25). One of the MUA's reccomended Amber Lights on the lid, Coppering in the crease, Carbon in the outer v, and Black Track Fluid Line to line the eyes. Just thought I'd share that, as it might help somebody else out there too haha.
There you have it folk's my notes on the hydra luminous look and the session!

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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