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The crown prince of fierceness Christian Siriano, has a new book entitled "Fierce Style: How to be your most fabulous self" set to release in October. There's even a glossary of his terms (i.e.: hot mess, ferosh, etc.) just in case somebody isn't um, with it? (isn't that what they used to say back in the day or something?) At any rate, I'll probably check it out (much like his makeup line for Victoria's Secret, and Payless Shoes collection when they release, ANDD did I mention he has a bridal gown collection debuting at Saks Fifth Avenue this August? Not that I'm getting married anytime soon, but I just thought I'd share) because honestly now, who doesn't love this man? - Allure

Stila is launching a new line called "Simply Stila" and prices will be starting at $7.99 and up. - The Cut

The first style book about our fabulous First Lady entitled "Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion" hit stores on the 5th (Retailing $14). It's essentially a look at her White House journey thus far, through the lens of fashion. While I admire her style and all (and I'm sure the commentary is lovely), I'm content to look at her outfit pics online...like in that look book The Cut has, featuring every outfit shes worn out in public since inauguration day (it's updated on a daily basis). - The Fashion Bomb

For those of you that use self tanner, I recently read a great tip about using it on your face (via Glamour's beauty tips of the week). According to the pro's at Fake Bake, use a self tanner that's specifically formulated for use on the face (apparently the the body versions can be too greasy and such. I wouldn't know, I've never touched the stuff) and apply it with a foundation brush. This way you get a even and smooth application, sans blotchiness and it helps the product to easily sink in. Want in on the Glamour tips too? Sign up here.

Are you a fan of that colorful stripe Solange often sports across her face? The Fashion Bomb has the deets on how you too can create one. Personally it's not my cup of tea (it actually kind of reminds me of the ninja turtles), but she's doing her thing and I can't hate on that.

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