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Celeb makeup artist Sam Fine (who focuses on women of color), is releasing a instructional makeup DVD called "Fine: The Basics of Beauty" retailing at $24.99. It's said to be great for teaching both makeup beginners, and aspiring makeup artists how to create a great face. For more info on the DVD, and Sam Fine's tips on a fierce 15 minute face, check out Shake Your Beauty. I'm looking forward to purchasing it, and I think it'll be making an appearance in some birthday and Christmas gifts I give this year haha.

Makeup Artist Scott Barnes is also working on a new project, in the form of a book called "About Face" to be released in time for the Holiday season (Kim Karadashian is in it at some point, according to her Twitter). - Scott Barnes.TV

Good news for those of you still looking to get your hands on MAC's 226 Brush. It's being re-released this July with the Color Craft Collection! - Life, Love-N-Makeup

YouTube makeup Guru Enkore has a new site up and running! I'm loving the tips and tricks he features on the first page. You'll find it also linked under the "You Really Should Know About..." section on the left side of my blog. - EnKore Makeup
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