Review: Taj Mahal Blush by Nars

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ciao Bellas,
Last week I ordered my very first NARS blush from Sephora, and today I received my new baby in "Taj Mahal." I'd first heard tell of it from Scandalous Beauty's blog, and while it did pique my interest, I'm not really a blush fiend so I kept it in my back of my mind as a "try this one day" product. I'm so glad I bought it, 'cause it was so worth the wait and the $25. Taj Mahal is a really sexy burnt orange color with gold shimmer, highly pigmented, of a smooth texture, and oo chile it's fiyah! Definitely bad all by itself, but it'll probably look fly with a nice light gold highlight as well. It's definately one of those colors that you need to use a light hand with (even my loud and proud NC45 self needed to tread lightly), so I think I'll be purchasing MAC's 187 brush (I've heard whisperings that there is going to be a sale next month at MAC btw, but no real juicy details yet) to use with this blush. Prior to my purchase, I'd been wondering if this was an ideal solution for my need to look sunkissed, glowing, and fierce (Anybody that knows me will tell you that I have a hard time getting up off my bronzer)... the answer is a definite yes, but I think I'll keep my bronzer around for the days that I rock pink blush. Though with the way I'm rocking Taj Mahal, I don't think that'll be too often. I know that the whole concept of an orange blush can sound a little crazy, but give it a try because it's only makeup girls, it does wipe off. By the way, if you go looking for it at your local Sephora store you probably won't find it (It's been pulled from their stores, but you can still order it from them online), but if you want to get a feel for the color swatch the orange side of NARS Mediteranee eye shadow duo as I recall it being somewhat similar. To all my ladies out there that are familiar with the NARS blushes, do you have a pink blush that you reccommend that I try next? If so, please holla at your girl.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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