Review: Naked Honey Body Wash, and Hand and Body Lotion

Ciao Bellas,
I just purchased a few items from my local MAC counter (including Liberated Lipglass from Style Warriors. I think this is the first collection that I did a serious haul with), and one of the MUA's slipped me some samples of the Body Wash and Hand and Body Lotion coming out with the Naked Honey collection. I really wasn't going to check this out, as I usually only purchase cosmetics and tools from MAC..I've never really touched the perfumes or skincare stuff until today. The scent is LOVE, it smells sweet and just like honey, but I'm definitely catching a whiff of a floral note as well. It's not overpowering at all either, so it's going to be a great summer scent. The Hand and Body Lotion is very light and sort of creamy, yet it manages to be decently moisturizing and leaves you softly smelling of the scent. The Body Wash is great too, as it also leaves you softly with the scent...yet more so than a regular body wash would probably leave you with (if that makes sense). I'll probably purchase both for the summertime, and the perfume (I think these might end up being the only things I buy from the collection). It's kind of funny, I was so excited to check out the body wash that I opened the little sample jar in Macy's, and quite a bit of it came out and was dripping down my hand and MAC bag. Ever the beauty fiend, my first reaction was "OH NO it's dripping into my bag! Oo! That smells nice! *sniffs hand*" haha. Only Ms. Fab.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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