Liberated at last

Ciao Bellas,
I just came back from my fave MAC counter at Macy's, and while I was there I mentioned my curiosity about Liberated Lipglass from Style Warriors (now available online at MAC btw) to a MUA, and she let me try it out! I already know I'm getting Gold Rebel, so trying it wasn't necessary (Those are the only things I really want from this collection, and the MUA swatched Bright Future on her hand for me to check out also). Liberated is a lovely pastel yellow color (a few shades off of being a like...goldish color) with sparkles, and since soft lip colors are very much my m.o. it's a must have for my NC45 self. After looking at Bright Future on the MUA (and after a diff MUA told me that it was identical to Chrome Yellow), I think I'll just wait and get Chrome Yellow (and Vibrant Grape, y'all know I'm not about to sleep on that) in pan form at a freestanding didn't really strike me as a "EEE I gotta have it!" kinda thing. I did book an appointment to get my makeup done during the launch at my counter though (mostly because a friend of mine from school works there, and I love how she does my makeup)...I plan on getting Gold Rebel and Liberated Lipglasses, Spring Bean Lustreglass (from the Perm line), and a few other things. Y'all know I always have a long MAC list.
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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