I'm A Style Warrior, and this is my battlecry...

Ciao Bellas,
MAC's Style Warriors collection launched yesterday, so last night I went in for my appointment to get my makeup done and check out the new goodies. One of my friends from school is the manager at my local counter, and homegirl seriously beat my face. I wound up purchasing: Bright Future, Vibrant Grape, and Soba (from the perm line) Eye Shadows, Brave New Bronze Lipstick, Chestnut Lip liner, and Gold Rebel Lipglass. The look she recreated on me was from the Gold Rebel facechart, and I LOVED it. First I'll give y'all a quick review of the individual products I bought, and then I'll break down the look she did for me.

Bright Future Eyeshadow: Pure golden yellowy goodness with a veluxe pearl finish. It totally pops on my skin tone, and it's definitely one of the stars of the collection in my eyes.

Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow: It's a beautiful purple with possibly a hint of magenta and shimmer. If you only check out a couple of the eye shadows, I definitely suggest this one and Bright Future. Though do keep in mind that this is also available in the pro line...so if you can't get it right away that's fine, just get it at some point haha.

Soba Eyeshadow: A beautiful champagne brownish gold. It's lovely to use as a highlight color, and as I don't have that many highlight shades in my collection (read: only Vanilla Eye Shadow, and a couple Mineralized Eye Shadow Duos) this was a good buy for me.

Brave New Bronze Lipstick: I almost didn't even check this out, because I heard a lot of women of color say that it wasn't a good look for us. I mentioned it to my MUA friend (who is wayyy lighter than I, possibly in the NC or NW 25-30 range. Pure speculation though, as I'm not totally familiar with the shades that much lighter than my skin tone), and she said even on her this would look a little chalky. The trick is to use the right liner (blended), DAB the lipstick on, and blend. Gloss optional (though I prefer the look with it). It's a nudeish peach bronze color (though granted a few shades lighter than my "nude" color, which is close to Revealing lipglass. I'd say that Brave New Bronze is maybe a couple of shades lighter than that), and it'll probably be my summer nude lip when used in conjunction with the liner and gloss I purchased.

Chestnut Lip liner: My 1st lip liner! It looks really great blended in with Brave New Bronze, and topped with Gold Rebel lipglass. My friend encouraged me to try it blended in with everything to play with altering colors and such. So far I've found that it looks nice under Revealing lipglass to darken it a bit (I'm starting to tan from being outside more often, so I needed something to deepen the color a little bit), and I'll report back after I experiment a bit more.

Gold Rebel: A really sexy warm peach / apricot color with sparkles. Lovely on it's own, and with Brave New Bronze.

THE LOOK (remember to blend as you go):

Indianwood paintpot as a base (btw, TOTAL retraction on my review of paint pots from before. Apparently I used wayyy too much, which was why it creased so badly. A dab will do 'ya with this product, and I'm def going back to purchase this).

Bright Future Eye Shadow on the inner corner, lid, and inner lower lash line

Vibrant Grape Eye Shadow in the outer v, slightly worked into the crease, and on the outer lower lash line

Soba Eye Shadow to highlight, and slightly brought down into Vibrant Grape

Black Track Fluidline to line the upper lash line (using an angle liner brush I think)

Dazzlelash Mascara in Black Dazzle (I really liked this, and I think I remember my friend telling me that it used to be called "Every Little Lash" because it well, catches every little lash and it's great for the lower lash line. I might purchase it at some point, but I'm content to continue using drugstore mascaras for now) on the upper and lower lashes.

Mystery Eye Shadow to fill in eye brows

Oil Control Lotion to keep my T-Zone in check

Studio Select Foundation applied lightly with the 190 brush

Studio Fix Powder to set

Eversun Beauty Powder Blush on cheeks, a little on the nose, chin, and forehead (goin' back for this too)

Golden Bronze Loose Iridescent Powder to highlight cheekbones, and on the temples I think(LOVE THIS)

Chestnut Lip liner blended in on lips

Brave New Bronze Lipstick DABBED on the lips and blended

Gold Rebel Lipglass on top

And yes the title is a reference to that song "Warrior" by Nelly for those of you that weren't sure haha.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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