Back to Basics: Brow Power Pt I: Shaping

Ciao Bellas,
The effect of well groomed eye brows are often underestimated (Don't believe me? Check out these celeb brow shaping tips from Elle). When done correctly, they really open up your face and just pull your whole look together (with or without makeup). Sadly a lot of brows have fallen victim to over plucking, being poorly shaped, or *gulp* becoming sharpie brows (When women shave them off only to draw them back on. Don't act like y'all don't know. I've seen many a woman fall victim to this, and I actually have a funny story about it. One lovely summer Sunday morning in Church, a family friend was sporting those sharpie eyebrows...and at the time we were only really working with fans so it was HOT up in there. While sister girl was praising the Lord, she went to wipe the sweat from her brow...and wiped her brows right off with it leaving strange smudge marks in their place. I'm happy to report that nowadays she is rocking her own natural brows, and my Church has since installed a lovely central air system). When it comes to shaping techniques there are many options (tweezing, waxing, threading) but I feel that they are best left to the pros (the actual shaping that is). Maintenance can usually be done at home, and if you police those bad boys you can usually keep it up for a decent amount of time (I get mine waxed at the salon, and the last time I had it done was around Easter. I've been maintaining them pretty well at home since then, and can probably keep 'em up for a few more weeks). However if you feel like you're up to shaping them yourself, MUA Carmindy (of What Not to Wear fame) has some great tips on how to go about shaping them using tweezers (Please remember that your tweezing, NOT plucking. It's a good idea to take your time and step back every so often). Y'all know I can't sit here and talk about brows, without guiding you towards Damone Roberts (The Eyebrow King). He was interviewed by Afrobella not too long ago, and I really like his approach. Especially the part about how with eye brows it's not about trends, it's about what works for your face. Then there is the extensive Anastasia Beverly Hills brand, which offers many products (from brow powders -which I just received a sample of, and will review shortly - to stencils) all dedicated to helping you to put your best brows forward. Waxing and threading I suggest that you leave to the pros, but I've heard that there are some great threading tutorials on YouTube should you be so daring. Now that you've got the shape going on, you gotta do something with it! So next time I'll talk about actually filling in, slicking down, and highlighting the brows.
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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