Back to Basics: Showing some leg

Ciao Bellas,
The season of shorter skirts, capris, and shorts (but I beg you ladies, please, NO booty shorts. I saw some girls wearing them at the shopping center near my house yesterday, and I swear that was indecent exposure. My eyes felt violated) is rapidly approaching. It was nice enough out yesterday for me to bust out my shorts for the first time this year, and I have a little trick to make my legs and skin in general look extra fierce. I purchased Vaseline Cocoa Butter Smoothing Body Butter from Walmart way back when, and I mixed it with Bare Esentuals Warmth (a mini jar that came with my Get Started was about 0.06 oz according to Sephora's site. If you buy it on it's own, it comes in a larger size, so I suggest that you use a little at a time as you put everything together, and swatch as you go along) and Warm Radiance (which came in a substantially larger container. I used the entire jars, because I no longer wear BE, and I knew that I would def use the mixture a lot) to rub on my arms, legs, and whatever skin I show to make them really glow and shine. It looks really nice, and people definitely seem to notice (Btw, I haven't known the mix to rub off, so you're safe to go about your day without worrying). I've had guys ask if I'm wearing baby oil or something because of the shine, and received quite a few complements on my legs when I wear the mix with my shorts (I'm not going to lie, they are nice, but my bronzing mixture def helps to spotlight it). Essentially your going to need to use some of your favorite lotion (colorless with some with SPF is ideal), some sort of bronze shimmery loose powder product, and a little flat loose bronze product (not just for a little coverage, but it keeps the shimmer in check. Keep in mind that these should be about the same color bronzing products that you'd use on your face) to mix together and your good to go. You're going to need use enough of the bronze products, that the color of your lotion dramatically changes as you mix it up (I'm not ashamed to admit that I used a plastic fork to do so). It shouldn't look muddy, but like a shimmery pretty color... and again remember to use a little of everything at a time, and swatch as you go, so you can figure out what amount of each product to use it right for you. The result? Sexy, shiny, almost looks airbrushed with shimmer (but not overpowering) legs, arms, and wherever. You better work.
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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