Stretch Marks.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ciao Bellas,
Spring rolls around in a couple of weeks, thus summer is soon to follow...along with fabulous warm weather, sandals, tank tops, shorts, and swim wear. I'm trying to get in gear and uh show of hands ladies, how many of y'all are battling stretch marks? Yeah, me too. I'm not going to lie to y'all, I have them on my general behind area, upper thighs, and lately they've been trying to sneak their way onto my waist (Thank God none of them show when I rock my shorts in the summer). I'm not having it I tell you. I've used Palmer's Cocoa Butter faithfully, and even the massage lotion with Collagen, Shea Butter, Elastin, and Vitamin E (on and off..but somewhat faithfully for the past 2 monthsish). Now I know I shouldn't expect major results that quickly from the latter, and I'm sure that using the regular cocoa butter (though not the 100% Cocoa Butter, as that seems rather hard to come by) has improved them somewhat...but my problem is that their there, their noticeable, and their trying to spread haha. There are so many different products out there that people claim work too. A friend of mine says using some Ultra Glow product has faded hers recently, I've heard of people using Mederma, and lately I've heard quite a bit about Bio Oil which I purchased today at CVS ($19.99 for a 4.2fl.oz. bottle). While I'm well aware that nothing ever fades them completely (though I've heard that it's possible with laser treatments...which is highly impractical at this time in my life. At some point in the future after I get married I know I want kids, and from what I've seen pregnancy can bring about some stretch marks. I'd rather get it done after that, if I decide to get it done at all), I'm hoping that it'll improve them to the point where their barely noticeable. It says to use it for a minimum of 3 months twice daily, and that it can be used for aging skin, scars, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin, and stretch marks. So I'm going to do my best to faithfully follow their instructions, and hopefully during that time I'll see some major improvements. I'll give it a total review in about 3 months, but I'll keep you posted as I start to see major improvements (hopefully!). Have any of y'all tried Bio Oil before? Or do you have an 'ol faithful product that you use to treat stretch marks? If so, please help a sista out and share!
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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