Brow Wow

Ciao Bellas,
Lately I've been trying to figure out what exactly to do about my brows. I get them waxed at the hair salon, and I maintain them at home with some tweezers (or try to), but as I have long brow hairs they tend to get discombobulated easily (even with clear mascara). Filling them in tends to go smoothy though. I'll use a dark brown eye shadow and apply it with an angle eyeliner brush, go over them with some clear mascara, brush them into place, and then highlight underneath them with concealer (the same shade I use under my eyes works fine for me) a la Scandalous Beauty. Overall it looks ok, but it could be better. Last night I was watching a makeup tutorial by macNC40 on YouTube, and I noticed that her eye brows always look on point. Apparently she uses MAC Fluidline, and Brow Finisher so it looks like I'll be purchasing some during my next visit to my local counter. I've heard a lot of great things about Brow Finisher keeping people's brows in check, and I absolutely LOVE Fluidline (I'll take any excuse to purchase some) so this sounds like an ideal solution for me. What works for y'all when it comes to keeping your brows in check?
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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