Spring Trends '09: Separates / Tailored Suits

Ciao Bellas,
This spring separates (ensemble dressing / the tailored suit) are getting the love they deserve. I haven't worn suits since my pageant days (I had some fierce ones, believe you me), but I do have a soft spot for them (specifically the fly ones that can be found at Bebe). It's a pretty simple formula (Suit Set = Blazer + Skirt or Pants), that when remixed appropriately can give you a bunch of different looks (which you can rock to Church, to the office, spiffy events, etc.) like so (with your choice of handbag):

The Suit:

Remix Pt. I: Adding in weekend wear

Remix Pt. II: Adding in more dressed up options

Remix Pt. III: Suit Jacket over a Dress

There are so many options with this trend, you can really spin it what ever way tickles your fancy. It definitely receives Ms. Fab's stamp of approval (both as a trend, and for permanent fashion purposes).

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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