Review: MAC Haul, and How one should care for their makeup brushes

Ciao Bellas,
When MAC's Friend's and Family sale rolled around a little bit ago, I figured it'd be a nice time to treat myself to some of their products that I'd been eyeing for a while. I'd never tried their makeup brushes (even though I've been faithfully buying MAC for about 4 years), so I thought I'd give those a go...and then I saw this tutorial that convinced me that I needed Teal Pigment and Reflects Teal Transparent Glitter in my life. Before I get going with this review, I wanna say that I decided to do my research on the best way to care for my new MAC brushes (cause those baby's aren't cheap, I wanna get it right the first time around). Obviously I've been washing my makeup brushes for years, but I figured I'd check and see how some of the beauty guru's out there get it done. After a little searching on YouTube I found a tutorial by EnKore on how to wash one's brushes, and boy did that open my eyes. Apparently I've been washing mine too harshly...I'm surprised they hadn't walked out on me really. I'd also heard some whisperings that one should wash their brushes before they use them, to get rid of the glues and stuff they use to package them before they use I hit up to find out how. After all that, I'm proud to say that my new brushes are quite happy in their new home, and my older brushes have received some much needed TLC haha. On with the review!

Teal Pigment: Gorgeous! It's officially one of my blue must haves, and definitely everything Big T eye shadow (from the C Shock collection) should of been on me and more. It compliments my skin tone so well, and I honestly can't say enough about it. Keep in mind that it's not safe for use on the lips though.

Reflects Teal Glitter: I've heard a lot of things about the glitter not being safe for eye use (not to mention it's printed on the box), but I've also heard of a lot of people using it in that area (and applying it like over a Cream Color Base, or using like clear Duo Lash Glue, basically anything to make it stick. I haven't used it on my eyes yet because I don't own any of those products). I intend on going to a free standing MAC store and purchasing the Mixing Medium/Eyeliner (am I the only one who saw that it said it can be used to mix with pigments or glitter to use in the eye area?) and trying it out. I have swatched it on my hand, and it's beautiful. As EnKore said "It's like fairy dust!" On a side tip, I've heard that this can mixed with clear lip gloss for a dazzleglassish effect (I haven't tried it, but I just thought I'd share).

239 Brush: Why did I sleep on this? It's amazing for packing on color, and so soft too! Definitely an official must have.

217 Brush: Another one of those "Where have you been all my life?" brushes. It worked really well for blending in my crease area, and getting that color up in there.

181 Brush: I used this to apply my Bare Minerals foundation, and I felt like I was rubbing my face with velvet. It's so soft, and it definitely beat my face. I think I'll be getting the 182 as well (the full size version of it, this is a LE mini version)...and really as thrilled as I am with these brushes, I'll be getting the 266 (angle brush), 224 (blending / crease brush), and 187 (everyones must have for that airbrushed look) as well.

All of these products definitely receive Ms. Fab's stamp of approval.

Stylishly Yours,
Resa Seyi

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