Looking Ahead: Beauty Trends and Innovations for '09

Ciao Bellas,
I was reading Beauty and the Blog (Sephora's Blog), and they did a post about what we can look forward to beauty wise in '09. I love to rock colorful eye shadow, so I'm definitely down with hues inspired by Morocco and India (Bright coral? Hot pink? 24 Kt Gold?! YES PLEASE!). This gives me even more motivation to try out this Orbit Gum Sangria Fresca inspired tutorial by Jennyai (with which she won Kiss My Lipstick Beauty's eye candy contest). Products involving pearls as ingredients sounds interesting, and I've already seen the first sprinklings of this with Too Faced Cosmetic's new gloss called "Girls Dig Pearls." Putting more glam in green products? I love it (especially the part where it talks about bolder colors, and better formulas set to rival runway brands). I've already heard about a couple new things from Bare Escentuals, one being their new Buxom Lash Mascara (which seems to be getting pretty good reviews on Sephora. I know that around Christmas Eve beauty insiders who have 100 points in their beauty bank, were eligible to request a sample w/ a purchase...no idea if it's still available, but it's worth checking out), and I'm not sure if I'd mentioned before that I've heard whisperings of "100% Natural Lip Glosses" which promise all the color and shine of the Buxom Glosses, without the plumping. My big lips and I are rejoicing. Here's looking forward to a beautiful new year and beyond!

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab

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