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Think your makeup routine could be causing breakouts? Find out on Total Beauty.

Jordin Sparks has launched a line called "Sparks" releasing holiday dresses (already available online at Wet Seal), casual apparel, and accessories (in that order). I can't really say I was expecting this one... it's cute but I'm not really all that excited (I get along with Arden B. better than Wet Seal). Call me when Rhianna's line comes out please. - Seventh Square

Speaking of Rihanna, I loved her makeup look at the AMA's! You can only imagine how souped I was when Specktra posted an interview conducted by one of their forum members with Rhi's makeup artist. She totally broke down the look, and I was surprised to find that a lot of the products she used I was pretty familiar with. I'm defiantly gonna have to try this one out. - Specktra

Love Michelle Obama's style? Mandi Norwood (former editor of Mademoiselle) will be writing a "Michelle Obama Style Guide" due out next spring. - Seventh Square

Have you been trying to figure out exactly which makeup brushes you need in your life? Danielle over at Urban Glamour breaks it down with Makeup Brushes 101 (using MAC brushes). So far I know I need the #266 brush (I need to replace my angled eyeliner brush), and possibly a new blush brush.

Christian Siriano has a deal with Payless. I'm sure Nuala (over at Transcends Boundaries) and I aren't the only ones giddy with excitement. Now all we have to do is wait till next fall.

Makeup Fiend talks a little bit about Bobbi Brown's new Makeup Book "Makeup Manual." It sounds like a good buy for a few people on my Christmas gift list (as apparently it's good for anybody beginner to interested in going pro). I'm feeling her on the whole makeup books not really showing a lot of women of color thing. I wanted to purchase a makeup book for my cousin last Christmas and when I flipped through it I saw all of like what...3 women of color, all of which were lighter than the both us. As she was new to makeup at the time, I didn't think it'd be of much help to her.

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