This Just In: Smurfette's in the house!

Ciao Bellas,
Remember how I was telling y'all that Too Faced Cosmectics is doing a Smurfette collection? Word on the street was that it wouldn't be out until the 26th...but it's available now to purchase online at Sephora. The only item I'm kind of eyeing is that blue glittery eye liner, though since I intend on purchasing all of the ones coming out with MAC's Hello Kitty collabo, looking is all I'll be doing. With all the fabulous collections MAC's putting out (that we know of so far, I'm sure there is a ton of fierceness planned), and stuff I've heard that Bare Escentuals has planned, I don't want to waste any money on cosmetics I'm not all "*squeal* I NEED THAT!" about. That just means theres that much more of the collection for y'all to buy though haha.
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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