Spotlight: Upcoming MAC Collections.

Ciao Bellas,

Kiss and Makeup is just cranking out the news today! They've got:

  • The first whisperings of a new MAC mascara called "Double Dazzle Double Lash" due out in May '09 (here's hoping for a double ended mascara involving glitter and color!), and looking at the promo pic it looks like the model could be wearing Dazzleglass too (which will be made permanent from what I've heard). I wonder if that means they'll be coming out at the same time...

  • Info on MAC's "CremeTeam" Collection due out in February, featuring Cremesheen Lipsticks, Cremesheen Glass, and Cremestick Liner. I haven't tried the Cremesheen lipsticks yet (though I want to, and how hot does that lavender lipstick look? Too bad it's not wearable on a every day basis. I'd get it just to look at it and maybe try and use it with a costume one of these days), but you know I'm gonna be all over those Cremesheen Glasses (and the Dazzleglass when it comes back). Who's bright idea was it to put this out the same month as the Hello Kitty collabo? I already want a ton of stuff from that, and now I'll probably skip the Blonde Brunette Redhead collection (which I kind of liked, but I wasn't thrilled about it...same with the Dame Edna and Chill Collections. I'll be getting some of those lashes from the Lash and Dash collection, but other than that I'm good till Feburary) to get the glosses from this one.

  • And speaking of Hello Kitty, Kiss and Makeup also has the promo pic, and close up pictures of some of the collection. So far I know I want probably both of the quads, that orange gloss, and all the glitter liners. Looks like I'll be buying a lot of stuff from MAC next year.
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Ms. Fabulosity

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