Even more whisperings about upcoming MAC collections

Ciao Bellas,
Kiss and Makeup has more preliminary info on upcoming MAC collections! Apparently in June, MAC will be releasing a line of honey scented body products, and a salve and balm. Judging by the promo pic, I'm thinking there might be some sort of body bronzing product released too (just my personal speculation). I'm excited about this one, as I'm really looking forward to purchasing stuff like that to enhance my tan in the summer. I was thinking about trying out Victoria Secret's Bare Bronze Oil that I talked about a couple of entries ago, or the So Aglow Tan Enhancing Shimmer with Monoi Oil Spray from Bath and Body Works...but I'm going to hold out and see what MAC has to offer with this range. Judging by what we've heard so far about MAC's collections for next year, I'll be frequenting their counter at my local Macy's in '09.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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