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Ciao Bellas,
I'm bacckk, and on crutches for the next 2 weeks...so I'll probably be posting more often. Without further adieu, here's the word on the street:

According to WWD via The Fashion Bomb, teen magazine CosmoGirl is going bye bye after the December issue. I used to read it on a regular basis, but at some point I just kind of outgrew the whole teen magazine thing...and in all honesty I preferred the now long gone ElleGirl.

I love me some Run's House, but I'm not gonna lie I haven't caught any of the newer episodes in awhile. Essence has the scoop on the crown princesses of fly fierce and fabulousness Vanessa and Angela spin off show (on MTV), entitled "Daddy's Girls." It'll follow their lives in LA, working on their kicks and sportswear line Pastry, and other ventures.

Calling all design Divas: Mariah is sending out an SOS! Shes launching a new perfume called "Luscious Pink" and shes looking for someone to design a pink dress that captures the essence of the perfume. After a winner is selected, 3 of the dresses will be made. One for Mariah to debut at a fabulous event, one to be auctioned at a charity event benefiting breast cancer awareness, and one for the winner. For more info, check out the website.

Speaking of Perfume, E! Online says that Britney Spears is releasing yet another rendition of her Fantasy perfume called "Hidden Fantasy." I'm curious (no pun intended) to see what it'll smell like (though we'll have to wait it comes out in January of '09), as I liked the original, and Midnight Fantasy which is probably because it's like a souped up version of Love Spell by Victoria's Secret.

It's time for Operation Fabulous! Tyra Banks is producing another reality show (which is why it's only natural that she'd announce it on her talk shows site), starring Mr. Jay and J. Alexander of ANTM appropriately entitled "Operation Fabulous." It's said to be like "What Not to Wear" meets "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" where they give makeovers ala ANTM, and tips on beautifying themselves and seeing their natural beauty. I can't wait!

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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