Review: Bare Esentuals Starter Kit. I Tried, Believe, and Love.

Ciao Bellas,
Yesterday I kinda had myself a mini makeover. Got a new 'do, went to Sephora to get lashes for my costume...and then figured since I was there why not try out the Bare Esentuals makeup I'd been thinking about getting since...well, a long time haha (Also I'm easily dazzled by pretty shiny things and makeup. There's a whole lot of that in Sephora, so I'm always happy in there). Once again my love of makeup, and wanting to get new products had me limping in there on my crutches. Like usual I did my research before I went shopping, checked out reviews, made sure their products were cleared by that list I posted in my last entry, etc. All systems go. By the time I got to the store I was convinced that the deep starter kit would probably be what I needed, so I started swatching the shades that came in it on my hand. Twas a no go, and time to call in a pro. One of the Make Up Artist's in the store came over to help me, and it turns out my shade is Golden Dark. Now before I get going with what happened when I got home, let me say this is not the first time I've purchased stuff from BE (Though this is by far the best purchase from them, and one of my best beauty buys in a long time). I ordered some eye shadows way back when, and purchased the all over face color in Warm Radiance. It was ok...but I wound up getting rid of the eye shadows, and mixing the Warm Radiance in with a tub of that vaseline and coca butter lotion stuff to make a body bronzer (Which works fab btw). All this is to say that my track record with them wasn't too hot, but I'd heard some good stuff about the foundation and figured I'd give it another go. I put everything on when I got home, and I. Looked. FIERCE. Once I got that swirl, tap, buff technique down, baby there was no stopping me. I went for light coverage and my skin looked so natural (Dare I say even more so then when I used my MAC Select Tint, and Blotting Powder...both of which are now in my Back 2 MAC bag lol), and I was glowing (Seriously I can't remember the last time my makeup looked that good). AND I get rewarded for buy this stuff?! (I'm a Sephora Beauty Insider) SOLD. The kit (I bought it in Dark) comes with 2 shades of foundation (So in my case, I got Medium Dark and Golden Dark), an All Over Face Color (in Warmth), and a Mineral Viel (Tinted), 3 brushes, a mini sample thing of primer (Which I'll be using for my eye shadows), and and booklet and DVD which explains how to use everything step by step (All for $60). Now I haven't watched the DVD yet because I'd already watched the videos online...and the MUA in the store explained everything to me again. I did refer to the booklet a lot though, and it had some good tips in there. Like how if you need to deepen your foundation shade, you can mix a little bit of the warmth in with your foundation and swirl, tap, and buff away. Bare Esentuals just redeemed itself in my book, and has earned five gold shiny stars. Well Done.

Stylishly Yours,
Resa Seyi

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