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Clinton Kelly (of What Not to Wear) is Freakin' Fabulous, so it's only natural that his new book is entitled: Freakin’ Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Act, Eat, Sleep, Entertain, Decorate, Clean Up After Your Dog, and Generally Be Better Than Everyone Else. Tis due to be released on Oct. 7th, and it sounds like one of those "How to throw down, and look good doing it" books. For those of you in the Bloomington MN area, Clinton, Nick (Resident What Not to Wear hair guru, promoting his new book "Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Every Day") and Carmindy (What Not to Wear makeup artist, promoting her new book "Get Positivly Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Gorgeous") will be there for a book signing at 7pm at Barnes & Noble in the Mall of America.

MyStyle answers all our burning questions: What's the new It bag for spring? (I know, I'm surprised it's the backpack too kids...but hey it's either gonna be the Gucci snakeskin, or a similar turquoise version) Which tops look good with cropped pants? Is the bob still in?!?! (Um, yeah apparently its not, the polished look is in now...which involves growing out hair, layers, softening the edges and working with what we've got. At least bangs are here to stay....for now)

People can say what they want about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, but those girls are on their grind. They've recently partnered with Steve Madden Ltd. to create a footwear line to go along with their line Elizabeth and James. The line is scheduled with to hit high end specialty retailers mid-2009. If it's anything like what they usually wear, there will probably be a lot of platform heels involved...and some flats? {Off The Rack}

Urban Glamour shares some cheap but chic beauty tips from Cosmo. I agree about the whole painting on your foundation thing...but I find the tip about combing bronzer through your lashes a bit interesting / curious. Any of y'all tried it?

Paris Hilton has a new fragrance called "Fairy Dust" which will be hitting stores in the middle of next month. According to Off the Rack it's her 5th...for some reason the only other ones I can remember are "Paris Hilton" (which I liked, and bought, but its a bit too mature for me. I'm more of a Fantasy by Britney Spears girl), and "Can Can" (Not a fan) so which ones did I miss? Anyways, looking at the ad and checking out the descprition it might be up my alley. Plus I'm a sucker for perfumes with fary tale themes, and I love Tinkerbell (Last time I dressed up for my Halloween Concert I went as her, blonde wig green fishnets and all).

MyStyle shows us 5 items we need in our makeup kits, and I'm totally with them on everything but the mineral foundation. I'm all for the idea, but most of the ones I've seen involve loose powder which is soooo not my friend. I tend to get it all over the place, I've had it spill in my purse, get all over my dress during my touch ups en route to Church on Sunday mornings (that was last month when my blot power compact from MAC broke up and essentially became loose powder. Thank God I was wearing a black dress)...loose powder just doesn't work with me, not to say you shouldn't try it. If it works for you then hey, go 'head girl.

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