Oo Chile, you look FIERCE!

Ciao Bellas,
For quite some time now I've been promising y'all some fabulous looks. I tried the whole polyvore thing, but I just don't feel like its cutting it (no diss, it is a great program just not my ideal). Sooo, I finally made my way over to ShopStyle and have put together 3 simple fly, fierce, and fabulous looks (which one could create even more looks out of! I might just break it down even further but I'm on a roll right now)! I'll try to put together at least 2 a week, but for now enjoy these, and I'll try to have at least 5 more put together for tomorrow.

Black, White, Red, and Fierce all Over:

Fresh and Clean:

(Note: I'm pretty sure that the high waist corset part of the skirt is removeable, and I would reccommend doing so when wearing it with the vest).

Functional Fabulosity:

You will notice that I didn't really accessorize the outfits, which is because I'm leaving that up to y'all. Your interpretation of how it should be accessorized is your personalization of the outfit.
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity <

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