"It's all make believe, isn't it?" - Marilyn Monroe

Ciao Bellas,
It's almost that time of year again. October 31st, the day when those who celebrate Halloween dress up and go trick or treating (don't lie, you know some of y'all still do). I on the other hand am a Christian (as we've covered before), so while I don't celebrate Halloween, I do intend on dressing up and attending the Harvest Party at my Church (I've also dressed up in the past for the Halloween concert at my school, the last time I participated I went as Tinkerbell. Mind you I'm a loud and proud NC50 diva, so I was repping Beyonce and Mary J. Blige looking too cute in that baby blonde wig thankyouverymuch). When it comes to dressing up, I'm pretty much up for anything (anything appropriate that is, too many of the ladies costumes out there are outta control)...chalk it up to all those dance recitals I did when I was little (I've been everything from a poodle, to a flapper), and the theatre major in me. This year I came up with a few ideas, I want to either go as: Catwoman, A Flapper, or a Fafinette. Though I've kind of ruled out the Fafinette idea (as very few people would get it...except anybody thats been into MAC since Feb of this year. Mind y'all I will be in Church, and I highly doubt people would get it right away. I'd probably spend most of the night trying to explain who I was...can you imagine my trying to explain it to one of the kids? "Who are you supposed to be?" "I'm a fafinette sweetie" "A what??" "One of the characters designed by the French artsit Fafi, popularized by a colaboration with MAC Cosmetics a few months ago." "Ohhh." Everybody else would probably mistake me for either a trippy anime character, or a harajuku girl)...even though that one would be the most fun because of the makeup and the brightly colored wig I'd get to wear (Ever since I took that stage makeup class, if it involves transforming through the wonder that is makeup I'm all over it baby). So now, it's between Catwoman and The Flapper. If I go as Catwoman I'm thinking I'll wear that black leather jacket with the ruffles from Bebe, long black leather gloves, black pants, black boots, and the Catwoman headpiece. If I go as The Flapper, I'll get a colorful flapper dress, matching t-staps, a flapper-esque headband, a feather boa...and uh other Flapper stuff? I'm thinking I'll go to the party store again sometime this week (they had most of the costume stuff out as of last month, I kid you not) and have another look see. The makeup looks I'd use are pretty much the same...the smokey eye, black eye liner, false lashes (which I need to figure out how to use. We never got around to that in my class), light pink lip, and a little blush (I'll break down the look once I figure out who I'm going as). At any rate both looks are about the same level of difficulty/ fun. I guess the deciding factor will have to be when I try on that headpiece at the party store (cause I don't want to look to dark. Yes, I'm aware I just said that when I'd be wearing all black, but those of you who've seen the headpiece know what I mean), and see if I can find the right black pants to go as Catwoman. Until then, Catwoman and the Flapper shall continue to battle it out.
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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