The Fresh, Clean, and Fierce Series

Ciao Bellas,
Here are those 5 looks that I promised y'all:

Sunny Side Up:

Black, White, Red, and Fierce All Over. The Remix.

For the Love of Chocolate:

She's Fly Effortlessly:

That Girl has Diamond Dreams:

You'll noticed that I used some pieces (i.e. boots, jackets, diamond earrings, purses) over and over, that right there is what I call a remix. You know your working with a good piece when you can wear it over and over with different things and it just looks right (as I felt somethings did). The looks I've put together are somewhat simple, and I'm calling it my "Fresh, Clean, and Fierce" series. In the next one, I'll be playing around more with color, patterns, and all that fun stuff. Stay Tuned.

EDIT / NOTE: I added a poll at the beginning of the menu on the right side of the blog. Vote and let me know which one of the looks from this series is your favorite / your most likely to rock.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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