Dear MAC: Why?!

Ciao Bellas,
I can't recall whether or not I've mentioned it on here, but I've been in love with MAC's Select Tint since the day a friend of mine who works for MAC put it on my face (though I will admit, I did leave it for a second to try Stila's tinted moisturizer...I came running right back to Select Tint and haven't left it since lol). I found my perfect shade, tis a great formula...just overall fierceness. So a few days ago, I was making my blog reading rounds and made my way to Danielle's over at Urban Glamour. That's when I found out my beloved Select Tint had received that dreaded "I'm bout to be discontinued, so buy me while the gettings good" triangle. Not just one or two shades, but the product itself (What?! Why?!?!). Danielle being the Select Tint lover, and fab blogger that she is wrote to MAC to inquire about this whole thing. Apparently they said that while the supply is currently limited, they have no plans on discontinuing the line of tinted moisturizers altogether. So then, Danielle (like most of us devoted to Select Tint) asked if that means we need to stock up in the meantime. A rep from MAC advised that she stock up just to be safe, and they do have a discontinued department in the event that it gets discontinued altogether. *pouts* I guess this means I need to buy another bottle...even though I don't think I've hit the halfway mark on mine. I'd rather have more and be surprised with a fab new formula, then tintless. What say y'all?
Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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