Like Nike says, Just Do It.

Ciao Bellas,
Lately, I've been very determined / good about working out...its something I really just need to do for me (not like I'm trying to lose weight, but if it happens during the process I can't say I'd be complaining. Toning up is always welcome, and some upcoming events plus back to school have served as motivation). I've found some great videos on Exercise TV over time (via On Demand's Free Zone on Cox Digital Cable), and those plus some other exercises have formed my workout plan which is as follows:

Ms. Fabulosity's Workout Plan:
  • Stretching for about 7-10 minutes to ensure that we don't pull, strain, or hurt anything.
  • The Push Up Series: 40 total broken down into 19 regular ones, 8 what I call 3-2-1's (in which you lower yourself about 3 times going down, and then push yourself up in one movement), 8 around the clocks (you do a regular push up, with your knees or legs hips distance apart, and then when you come up, you cross an arm under the other one, and bring the other one with it. So like, bring your left under your right arm, and move your right arm over so your in the push up position again but in a different spot than you just were and vice versa. Your essentially just moving over a little bit either to your left or right to do another push up, without coming out of the push up position. I'll try to find videos to help explain all of this better), and 8 tricep push ups (a regular push up, but you keep your elbows in).
  • Bootylicious Buns Exercise TV video workout (10 mins)
  • Core Cuts Exercise TV video workout (about 4 minutes)
Then depending on how I'm feeling after all that, I might throw in some more push ups, jumping jacks, or pilates moves (focused on my abs). This is optional though, the main point is getting the exercises I've listed above done. If I feel like I don't have enough energy to keep going with some of these exercises, I'll stop get some water and do about 30 jumping jacks to pump myself up, and / or just keep that Nike slogan in my head: Just Do It.

Remember: Always stretch first (holding each stretch for 30 seconds), and theres a difference between challenging yourself and pain. So do challenge yourself, but it's it hurts stop, stretch, then try and come back to it. If it still hurts, leave it alone. Keep yourself hydrated, I like to drink water when I work out, but back in my gymnastics days Gatorade was the drink of choice. Working out and eating right go hand in hand when it comes to getting really great results, so do try to remember that. I try to make sure I'm really on that, and allow myself 1 cheat day a week in which I can eat whatever I want within reason (like I can pig out, but a pint of ice cream in one sitting? a whole pizza? yeah, no Candy? Milkshake? Pizza? YESSUH). I'm not claiming to be a personal trainer, and I'm most certainly not a doctor (yet), I'm just a gal who's been into different sports and stuff most of her life sharing what works for me in my busy schedule. There's always time to work out, even if it's just little stuff. More info on Exercise TV, and my fave videos to come in my next entry.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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