Beauty PSA: Back away from the brushes, and blot it up.

Ciao Bellas,
So I just got back from yet another trip to my local MAC counter (this time, I was getting some face powder). Usually I use the blotting powder, but in my opinion it looks a little to light on my face which I mentioned to the Makeup Artist (I usually tell them what I'm looking for and why, in case they can suggest something better), then she explained something to me. Apparently the blotting powder, is essentially colorless, but they "can't just make a clear one." Like the other Makeup Artist there (who's Caucasian) told me that she could even put on the Medium Dark shade (I used Deep Dark) and you wouldn't see the color on her, so theres no way I should be seeing any like pigment from it (or something to that effect). Apparently my mistake was that I was using a brush to apply it (they explained to me that you should be using a sponge to apply it, and it's one of the only products they'll tell you not to apply with a brush), instead of the sponge, and it should be pressed into the skin not like dragged down. They also sold me some blotting sheets (which are super spiffy, instead of being made out of paper I think she said their made out of silicone...they feel like plastic and their blue), which work great. Once again, press on, and lift off, don't drag or rub. All this time I thought I was supposed to use a makeup brush for the powder and put it on like regular, because when it was sold to me, that's how it was applied when I tried it on (and I was never told not to do the same thing on my own). So the moral of this story: If you use MAC Blotting Powder, back away from the brush, pick up that sponge, and blot it up baby (press down, lift up. Don't drag it around on your face). You learn something new every day.
Stylishly Yours,
Resa Seyi

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