Word on the street is...

Prince should be souped, purple is one of the IT colors for fall. - Flats & Frappuccino's

Rocking trends 101. If your not carefully balanced, things can go from haute...to well, not. - Urban Glamour

Wondering how to make the Victorian look chic? I wasn't really, but once I read this article I really wanted to try this look out (and those boots!). I'll let you know how it works out. - MyStyle

There's recently been speculation as to whether MAC and Hello Kitty will be teaming up for a collection next year, on the anniversary of the ones with Barbie and Fafi. MAC had neither confirmed or denied this...I'm soo hoping it's true, I was a huge Sanrio fan back in the day. - Specktra

Specktra's just got it going on, they've recently posted some of the Red She Said (MAC's upcoming Holiday collection for those of you who haven't heard, dazzleglasses will be making a comeback btw) product images (mostly eye shadows are shown), courtesy of lushiousbabe.blogspot.com so snaps for her too. I was drooling when I saw those pics, I seriously need some of those trios and I'm in love with the look the model is rocking in the promo ad (I better get my postcard). I'm definitely making an appointment for this collection, and oo isn't that packaging gorgeous? I could go on and on haha

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