Word on the street is...

MyStyle tells us how to banish blisters

Jessica Simpson is getting Fancy with her new perfume, and Kim Kardashian will be launching one next Mother's Day.

Rihanna is keeping busy too, as she's currently working on a clothing line. According to her interview with InStyle, her mom owns a boutique and her dad works at a garment factory... so she probably knows a lil somethin' somethin' about how it all works.

Bebe's Fall Ad Campaign is finally online for all to see! I can't wait for the catalog...

Avril Lavigne's line "Abbey Dawn" is available online at Kohl's. You know, looking at some of these Juniors line's lately (and this is sooo not meant to be an Avril diss or anything, I was all over Skater Boi, and Complicated back in the day...and that Girlfriend remix with Lil Mama was the stuff) I'm wondering if I'm starting to outgrow the Juniors section. Seriously the only time I venture in there is to see the Baby Phat stuff, and sometimes check out Dereon. Anybody else feeling that way?

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